Suddenly we have found ourselves just about halfway through 2023, and it feels like a good moment to pause and take stock.

Long after the new-year energy has dissipated and resolutions have been forgotten, it’s easy to feel caught up in the fast clip of day to day life, moving always into the next thing and not realizing how far we’ve come.

I’d like to share some of my WINS so far this year, which are also the wins of a queer and female owned small business that primarily serves local LGBTQ+ folks (happy pride!). 

  • I received my full professional counseling license – I’m now an LPC!
  • I was hired on by the non-profit Envision:You as a facilitator for their LGBTQ+ Behavioral Health Provider Training, which educates health care professionals in LGBTQ+ affirmative care (yay for systemic change!)
  • We finally have achieved gender-inclusive restroom signage at BOTH of my office locations!
  • Online dance meditation sessions have continued every Monday, and now in-person dance meditations sessions are scheduled every month at Soul Tree Yoga in Lafayette (yay for bodies dancing in the same room together!)
  • Another sweet, nourishing, and successful round of the Finding Deep Rest and Restoration group ran in Feb/March. Seriously. This group is one of my favorite things ever. There is nothing like witnessing people connect with their body-in-rest. I can’t wait to lead this again in October.
  • I was invited to lead an intensive workshop on Finding Deep Rest and Restoration at the American Dance Therapy Association’s National Conference in Denver this November.
  • I’ve expanded my therapy offerings beyond weekly sessions to include Dance/Movement Therapy Intensives. These somatic-creative deep-dives have been MAGICAL so far, and I love seeing the amount of clarity and confidence people have gained from this kind of highly focused work. More of this please!
  • We adopted a dog! (adorableness pictured below)
  • This incredibly glamorous iris bloomed in my front yard (see the photo below).

Our newest family member: Miss Luna a.k.a. Looney Gooney


Damn. I mean wow. I am IMPRESSED. And feel delightfully upstaged. Tip of the hat to you, mother nature.

As you read through this list, I want you to know that this year has not been a breeze. I have been challenged and shook, wracked with doubt and fears, climbing hills I knew would be there and riding rapids I didn’t expect. Celebrating wins isn’t about painting a fake rosy picture, but about acknowledging the amazing things that we CAN do and ARE doing amid the chaos.

Wins are resilience in action. 

Naming and celebrating wins is an important part of building resilience for the future. 

What are your wins so far this year?

What deserves a moment of pause, acknowledgement, and celebration?

Remember that “winning” can look like a whole range of things, from “that was a great success” to “thank the gods that’s over.”

Where do you see your resilience in action?

If this sounds challenging to you, I want to help! ​Please reach out for a free consultation so we can talk about your experience and how somatic therapy can help you find and celebrate your wins and resilience.