DANCEmandala Movement Meditation

“[This] is a method of moving meditation that encourages natural and authentic self-expression, re-connection to one’s core essence, one’s creative life force, awareness, and equanimity.” –AK Tri-siddha, founder of DANCEmandala

Are you looking to deepen your experience of dance?

Is dance your favorite way to express and process… but you want something deeper?

You’ve been through dance classes and performances, you go to concerts and music festivals, and every ecstatic dance event you can find! You feel alive in your body and love the fun release, yet something is missing. Dance isn’t just a hobby or a party for you. You crave a setting with more ritual, intention, and meaning.

Are you looking to honor dance as a meditation—an insight-oriented body-mind-soul practice?

When you are in movement, you feel the emotions and energies that roll through you, and new perspectives emerge. While there are many opportunities for sitting meditation, it is harder to find spaces that embrace dance as a spiritual and meditative practice. You’re seeking a community where it is safe and encouraged to drop deeply into your embodied spirituality and where you can receive guidance on your movement meditation path.

Are you looking for a new way to connect to your body and express yourself creatively?

The old routines have become dusty and worn. Even writing and drawing don’t seem to be an outlet these days. You can feel pent-up energy stuck in your body. You try to move through it with running and yoga, but these still feel disconnected. You need a fresh outlet where you can reconnect with your vitality and unlock the creativity trapped inside.

Let me tell you about this practice…

It all begins with carefully curated music. I choose each track carefully and with intention. While I draw from a wide range of genres, from electronic beats to singing bowls, each piece of music will help you move into a specific layer of meditation. You will likely notice a warm-up, rising energy, connection to the heart space, and a final stillness. All you need to do is listen and let your body respond to the rhythms.

We’ll start the practice in an open format, with each person finding their own transition into dance. You might choose to breathe, stretch, move, or be still while I give my introduction and opening guidance. You’re invited to close your eyes, turn inward, and focus on the sensations and natural movements of your body.

You’ll then be verbally guided through the different stages of the meditation. Each time, the experience will have a similar structure, but different aspects of the meditation will stand out to you on different days.

You can explore any movement (or stillness) throughout the meditation, and we always encourage you to follow your body’s intuition.

DANCEmandala meditation is about an hour and a half long.

You don’t need to know any specific movements or choreography… and there is no right or wrong way to move your body!

We’ll end with a closing circle of grounding practices and optional sharing with others about your experience.

Tune in to the body’s natural wisdom…

Through regular practice, DANCEmandala dancers often feel more connected to bodies, emotions, and inner truths.

So many life experiences can cause us to shut down, ignore, or confuse our inner feelings, beliefs, and values. The deep embodiment cultivated in this practice can turn this around, developing inner clarity, self-acceptance, love, vitality, and spiritual-emotional healing.

This is about your inward journey…

Each layer of this meditation offers a gateway into a new experience of your body, mind, and spirit. Your facilitator will act as a grounding chord so that you may dive as deep as you wish into sensation, imagination, and your inner process.

While your movements come from within you, the verbal meditation guidance also encourages you into fresh perspectives and personal insights.

Come… enjoy the dance!

Put on some comfy clothes, grab a water bottle, and let the dance take you where you need to go!

If you love dance but feel shy, this practice will be a supportive and nonjudgmental gateway. It might feel scary or edgy to try a free-form dance where there is no right or wrong way to move, but your curiosity can’t help but draw you into it!

Group DANCEmandala sessions can be found online and in-person, as a stand-alone experience and part of many of my somatic events and workshops!

You can find upcoming DANCEmandala sessions on my Events and Workshops page.

I think you’ll find DANCEmandala to be insightful and therapeutic, but it’s not exactly a form of therapy. So, it’s not meant to substitute for mental health treatment. But because it helps you gain awareness of your body and mind, I often integrate it into my individual and group therapy.

Private sessions are available for individual therapy clients – schedule a call with me to discuss if therapeutic DANCEmandala sessions are right for you!