Authentic Movement

This is a specific embodiment practice for those seeking a deeper spiritual exploration of their psychology…

You feel the pull in your chest that yearns for the meaningful.

Bigger questions have started to arise about who you are, your place in the universe, and your connection to Earth, lineage, and the human collective.

When you’ve done a lot of “inner work” in the past, there’s often a natural curiosity that desires to situate what you know about yourself so far into a larger picture.

You don’t need “coping skills,” You’re not looking to unpack personal history.

A craving has emerged for a more open, spacious exploration about you and that which is more vast.

A craving for a space where you can move and speak with the language of symbols, metaphor, archetypes, and ancestors.

You know your body is wise…

You feel that deep down in your bones.

Yet how does one really “listen” to the body and become receptive to its messages?

Authentic Movement is a meditative and therapeutic practice that helps us open to a more receptive state, welcoming in the wisdom from the body, the subconscious, the collective, and the transpersonal. By turning inward to your natural body wisdom, you can unite the physical with the spiritual and experience the dance of life in a new way.

Let’s talk about this practice’s roots…

Dance/Movement Therapy

The field of dance/movement therapy is based on the idea that the body and mind are inseparable and that our movements reflect our inner states. We can deepen our understanding of our psychology by exploring creative movement and finding greater states of wellness and personal growth.

Jungian Depth Psychology

The founder of Authentic Movement fused her dance training with Jungian psychology, which uses active imagination (similar to free association, but emphasizing imagery and symbolism) to explore the personal subconscious, the collective unconscious, and the spiritual realm.

You’re going to explore somatic, subconscious, and transpersonal material.

Somatic (body-centered) practices invite us to connect deeply with our embodied self, release emotions stored in our bodies, and explore the stories that have shaped us.

With body awareness, active imagination, and free-form expressive movement, we move out of conscious thought and into the realm of subconscious material. Feelings, beliefs, and habits that we aren’t aware of drive our daily actions. This is a chance to allow them to bubble up to the surface and into conscious awareness, opening up new space for self-reflection, understanding, and growth.

This deep dive inward paradoxically creates an open, receptive state in which connection to the transpersonal (collective, spiritual, universal energies) is more possible. Expanding outward from our individual psychology to something bigger provides transformative perspective shifts and opportunities for deep meaning-making of life’s challenges.

As you might imagine, this is not a journey you might want to take by yourself.

The format of Authentic Movement provides a clear and intentional container for this type of exploration, a structure within which free exploration is possible.

As your facilitator and witness, I will be there to provide an anchor, sense of safety, and reflections to help you integrate what you find in the depths.

Here’s what it looks like…

We will open the session with some simple grounding and body awareness practices and then walk in a counter-clockwise circle to represent our descent into the practice.

There are two roles, “movers” and “witnesses.” The “mover” will close their eyes, tune in to their body, and listen for sensations or impulses to move. There is no music or verbal guidance, with the movement coming from within the mover’s body-mind only.

The witness acts as an anchor for the mover, holding space, keeping time, observing their movement, and keeping track of their own internal experience and responses as they do so. The witness is always an experienced mover and trained facilitator.

Movement sessions often last between 10 and 40 minutes, depending on the context and experience level of the participants.

When the movement time has ended, movers will have some time to capture their experience in drawing or writing.

We will come back together in a circle, and the movers will have the option to share their experiences. This process helps integrate the subconscious material that arose with the conscious mind.

Then, movers may choose to receive “witnessing” – with permission. The witness will share their own experience of the movers’ movements, offering a compassionate reflection that further helps ground and integrate the experience via the relationship.

The session is closed by walking in a circle clockwise to represent ascent back into our normal, conscious mind and day-to-day reality.

This meditative practice can be done on its own, in a group or pair, or embedded within a psychotherapy session.

Integrating the messages from your unconscious…

Your discoveries while in movement will be unique to you!

The experiences you have and messages you receive will bring a fresh perspective to your challenges, life decisions, and sense of self. As you draw, write, or speak about your movement afterward, you will find ways to apply what you’ve discovered, furthering your path of healing and growth.

If this practice is calling you… let yourself be moved!

Authentic Movement is a unique, embodied, and contemplative way to explore your personal psychology and spiritual self while in the company of a compassionate and grounded witness.

To be moved and seen is a powerful combination.

Group Authentic Movement sessions are offered as part of my therapy groups and workshops, while one-on-one sessions can be integrated into individual therapy.

If you’re wondering if this practice is right for you, schedule a free consultation call with me to talk about it more!