Live your truth in joy and confidence

Somatic and Dance/Movement Therapy

Boulder, Louisville, and Online in Colorado

Living as your full, embodied, authentic self…

It sounds so great! Like the best of what you want!

And it also sounds like a fantasy.

You can feel an inkling of this version of you hidden inside, but it’s hard to believe there’s any way to dig it out.

All you can see when you look around is your tumultuous relationships, unmanageable piles of other people’s expectations, internalized homophobia, and soul-sucking career prospects within the crush of capitalism.

Your emotions are running the show, and it’s a free-for-all.

It’s fine. (It’s so not fine.)

Wracked with anxiety about the future, you don’t really know who you are or what you want. You’ve spent so long being guarded, surviving. If you let down these walls, what would even be left?

A constant tug-of-war rages inside…

To break out of the box or stay where it’s safe?

To follow your passions or seek stability?

To please others or do what truly lights you up?

Straining so hard to do things “right” clearly hasn’t gotten you very far. But if you change course now, will you just end up alone and destitute?

There’s got to be a better way.

You’re smart, creative, and usually pretty on top of it, but if this were something you could think your way through, you would have done it already.

Your body has a strong internal compass, just waiting for you to listen.

Our lived experience is made up of far more than just our thoughts and words.

We have emotions that we feel in our guts and hearts. We hold our breath in suspense and let out sighs of relief. Internal sensations and movement impulses quickly reveal our true feelings, desires, and values.

The body holds an often-untapped reservoir of wisdom, strength, and resilience. With its guidance, we can transform what feels like a moment of crisis into a moment of rebirth and creation.

It’s time to build a life on your own terms.

Your ‘true north’ isn’t the same as the external standards and
expectations you’ve been taught.

Stop asking everyone else if you’re strong enough,
good enough, queer enough.

The TRUE YOU needs to shine.

Hi, I’m Lauren.


I’m here to help guide you back into connection with your body and your authentic self.

You deserve to live a life that you truly love!

I know you’re exhausted. Life has not been easy. The people who were supposed to care for you instead caused a lot of pain, and you’re left with poor boundaries, people-pleasing, and disconnection from your body.

You feel held back by the past, stuck in old patterns that aren’t working anymore, and never fully able to express yourself.

The last thing you want to do is keep TALKING about it.

We will work in a body-centered way that invites your sensations, emotions, imagination, and expressive movements into the counseling process to deepen and accelerate your path forward. It’s ok if you don’t have all the words. It’s ok if the memories are fuzzy. Tapping into the mind-body connection opens your natural capacity for healing and growth and will allow you to blossom into your full, beautiful potential.

Together, we will untangle this mess, find meaning within it all, and rebuild your sense of self-trust, confidence, and purpose.

What I Offer


one-on-one support

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Healing and growth within community

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and Events

More ways to develop your natural embodiment

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DANCEmandala Movement Meditation

Deepen your experience of dance in this transformative moving meditation practice

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An embodied and spiritual exploration of your inner world

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You don’t have to go it alone.

I am ready to walk (or dance) the path with you.