Group Therapy

It’s easy to feel isolated and lonely in the modern world.

You may be around many people, but that’s not the same as feeling connected. The pleasantries of social interactions feel fake. Opinions are so polarized that you’ve lost a lot of friends and community over the last couple of years. No one seems to know how to talk about the hard stuff, the real stuff.

Your social media feed certainly doesn’t help either! You scroll past nothing but click-bait doomsday predictions on the one hand and superficial vacation pics on the other that seem like they’re from another planet.

You lie awake at night wondering…

“Am I the only one who feels this way?”
“How do other people deal with all of this?”
“Is there anyone else out there who gets it?”

In groups, we undo aloneness.

After all, humans survive and thrive in connection with other humans… and bodies are meant to move in relationship with other bodies. When you don’t connect with others, it’s easy to forget how much we all share.

Group therapy is an opportunity to heal and develop in a supportive, nourishing community:

You’ll learn and grow alongside others.

You’ll be touched by others’ feelings and stories, and they will be touched by yours.

You will see and be seen… move and be moved.

We move through the dance of life as individuals woven into a collective, and we gain strength and wisdom when we come together to share in this dance.

New relationships, new perspectives, and new ways of healing…

When you come together intentionally in group, you can repair your lost sense of belonging, trust, and interconnection.

This will be distinct from your average social setting. It’s a place where you can practice a fresh approach to being yourself and relating to others. You’ll discover that you’re not alone and start to develop a sense of how your life experience fits into a bigger picture.

Here’s what it looks like…

I don’t lead your typical talk-therapy groups where we sit around in uncomfortable chairs and awkwardly stare at each other. All my groups are somatic and creative. We’ll use movement, music, breathwork, and art! Playfulness and laughter are a welcome part of the process.

Each session will be guided by a theme and have a clear structure you can relax into. I find that this makes vulnerability and meaningful connection easier. It’s always up to you how much you want to share, and I always give different options for participation to support you in finding that sweet spot between comfort and challenge.

My groups are typically 4-8 people, and all participants are screened in advance to ensure the best experience for everyone.

We want you to feel safe and comfortable here!

We value diversity, inclusivity, and respect for all people and experiences. As a part of that, we work to create a safe, supportive, anti-oppressive space for all races, genders, sexual orientations, religions, socioeconomic statuses, and other identities.

Discrimination or aggression toward any individual is never tolerated. We will not entertain misinformation. And confidentiality is held by all group members.

Step into Community!

If you’re ready to find connection amid the chaos of today’s world, we’re ready to meet you!

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Current Group Offerings

You are a hard-working professional—maybe you’re a therapist, a nurse, or a caretaker in your family— who feels deeply drained from giving and giving to others.

When you get home at the end of a long day, you collapse on the couch, exhausted, and wonder:

“How will I do this all AGAIN tomorrow!?” and “Will this pile up ever end?”

Caught up in the speed of the modern world, tossed from one crisis to the next, it can feel impossible to slow down, take a break, catch your breath…or simply get the laundry done!

It can feel extra hard to carve out slowing-down time for yourself, and when you do, you probably feel flooded with anxiety and guilt.

Maybe the voice in your head is saying: 

“Who am I to get this time for myself when my job, family, community really needs me?”

“I have to keep pushing and working hard or I’ll never get enough done

“What will my co-workers think of me if I take time to nourish myself?”

These thoughts are “normal” in a world that validates high stress and hard work. 

Yet, we all know that stress and burnout lead to depletion, depression, substance abuse, self-neglect, injury, and disease. 

I invite you to start with taking just one small step in the direction of doing something differently.

First, ask yourself what it will cost you if you don’t slow down and go inward. 

Then, feel into how even just the idea of slowing down for a few weeks with other folks, in the SAME boat as you, feels in your body. 

Does a sound bath sound appealing and healing? Does acupuncture pique your interest? Do you want to move your body in a way that releases stress and allows true rest?

I challenge you to give yourself permission now to take just two hours a week for the next two months to do something entirely for YOU.  

I can assure you your job, family, etc will benefit from a restored you too. 

Imagine yourself two months from now feeling energized yet relaxed, comfortable in your body, curious and playful, alive and excited for what the new day has to offer. 

Join a small, intimate group of like-minded adults for deep rest and restoration of your body, mind, and soul.

*Space is limited to 5 -7 participants

Together, we will…

  • Begin a relationship to rest that supports you during times of ongoing stress and exhaustion…
  • Learn and practice the tools you need to move from an active to a restful state…
  • Recognize the signs of high stress in your nervous system and how to manage them when they appear…
  • Discuss and understand what blocks you from true rest and recovery…
  • Get out of your head and into your body with expressive movement and art explorations…
  • Experience how true rest feels in your body through guided practices that you can integrate into your daily life…
  • Receive nourishing connection with like-minded peers who get it, in an in-person small-group setting

Plus! Included for the first time in this series:

  • Sound Healing and Vocal Toning For Stress and Anxiety Workshop with special guest Janis Wille
  • Ground Your Nervous System Group Acupuncture Session with special guest Dr. Deirdre Corrigan

When: Friday evenings (8 weeks) from 5:00 – 7:00 pm starting October 13th 2023 (No session on Nov. 24th for Native American Heritage Day).

Where: Louisville Medical and Professional Center (325 West South Boulder Road, Louisville, CO 80027)

Cost: $640 per person (student discount available)

Registration: Get started by booking a free 20-minute consultation call to learn more and enroll.

Still not sure? Email me at with your questions!

Nota bene: This is a space that is supportive and centering of LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and other marginalized identities that are particularly impacted by burnout. While the group exercises are designed to be as inclusive and adjustable as possible for diverse bodies, please communicate any differing physical abilities you have during our consult call to make this experience is a good fit. Unfortunately the office space is NOT wheelchair accessible (stairs required to enter the office). The space does have gender inclusive bathrooms.