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Enliven your personal growth journey with embodiment and creativity!

As you walk on your life path, it’s natural to feel many ebbs and flows of motivation and clarity. When you dip into stuckness, stagnation, or muddy confusion, it’s time to invite in some fresh energy.

Let’s add some movement, creativity, and fun into your process! Left-brain approaches to self-reflection (like dance, movement, and art!) open up new pathways where you can learn, grow, and gain new tools and insights.

This is your chance to bond with others on a similar path.

You are a seeker, and there is power in joining with other seekers. Our personal process of self-reflection, development, and growth is strengthened when we spend time with others who value these as well. We will create an intentional space with community support around our shared experiences.

My workshops and community events feature somatic and creative practices. You’ll use movement, dance, and art as tools to facilitate your inner awakening and expression!

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Upcoming Workshops and Events

Queer Authentic Movement for LGBTQIA+

You know your body is wise. You can feel it deep in your bones. Yet really listening to the body and being receptive to its messages can be a challenge. The collective stress and trauma that we experience, especially as queer folks, can block connection to our bodies, our intuition, and our authentic self-expression.

Somatic (body-centered) practices invite us to reconnect deeply with our embodied self, release emotions stored in our bodies, and explore the stories that have shaped us. Authentic Movement is a meditative and therapeutic practice that helps us open to a more receptive state where we can welcome in our innate body wisdom, and express feelings and experiences that have been held trapped inside. When we sense and move in this intentional way, we become more connected to our true selves and create more space to show up authentically in the world.

This workshop will include guided practices to increase body awareness in a safe and grounded way, prompts to help you get in touch with your inner stories, open movement time with both music and silence, the opportunity to be witnessed by community, and time for group sharing and integration.

This event is open to LGBTQIA+ identified adults ages 18+.

When: Friday January 12th 2-4pm

Where: 325 W South Boulder Rd, Louisville, CO

Cost: FREE

How to Register:

DANCEmandala Movement Meditation Sessions – Online Via Zoom

Weekly drop-in group dance meditation sessions that you can join online, from the comfort of your own home…

Deepen your experience of dance in this transformative moving meditation practice. Carefully curated music and gentle verbal guidance invite you to tune in to the body’s natural wisdom and embark on an inward journey, cultivating awareness, authentic expression, and personal insight.

No experience needed – All bodies welcome!

Learn more about the DANCEmandala practice here.

When: Mondays 6:30-8pm MST on January 8th and 15th, February 19th and 26th

Where: Online via Zoom – Register Here

Cost: $10 – $15 per person. Please send to prior to the class.

Participation Guidelines:

  • Arrive on time; no entry later than 15 minutes after the start of the dance. Please plan to stay for the whole session, and it’s recommended to have some extra time of your own afterward for rest and integration.
  • Make sure you have a strong Internet connection and good external speakers or wireless headphones.
  • Prepare your room to be comfortable and risk-free and have enough space for you to move your body safely.
  • Please leave your video on so that the facilitator can manage safety and privacy.
  • Please make sure you will not be disturbed by household members and do not have others watching or passing through your room. This is to contain your practice and protect the privacy of all participants.


Dance Meditation Workshop: Movement, Breath and Embodied Self-Expression

Come dance together!  If you are craving more connection with yourself, your body, and your community, this special in-person dance meditation workshop is for you!

This practice invites you to connect with your body, breath, and authentic self while finding joy and freedom in movement. Mindfulness and meditation do not have to mean sitting still and restricting your impulses. Here you can let your creativity flow! There is no right or wrong way to move your body, simply turn your attention inward and let the natural movements and rhythms of your body express.

This workshop will feature:

~ warm-ups to help you ground into your body
~ an intentional arc of music to get you dancing (in ANY way that feels right for you)
~ flexible meditation guidance from a trained facilitator
~ time for rest and integration.

No experience needed – All bodies welcome!


Sunday January 7th 2-4pm

Sunday March 24th 2-4pm

Where: Soul Tree Studio – 1280 Centaur Village Dr, Lafayette, CO

Cost: $30 per dancer

Register in Advance through Soul Tree Yoga: HERE

Past Events

Spring Creative Embodiment Workshop – Celebrating Imbolc!

A half-day workshop for adults (18+) with any level of experience to explore the transformational power of movement…

Let’s allow the changing season to help us remember the natural cycles of life, honoring grief and struggle while simultaneously welcoming life and the coming of spring.

The beginning of February (Feb 1-2) has long been celebrated in Ireland as the festival of Imbolc and the feast day of Brigid. During this time, we honor the sacred regenerative cycles of nature, celebrate the stirring of new life to come, and release the old to create space for new growth.

This special Imbolc celebration ritual includes:

● Guided reflection of the themes of regeneration, rebirth, the innate healing cycles of nature
● An intentional ritual container to welcome the changing season and foster a sense of community
● Exercises to deepen the connection with your own body and inner resilience
● Full DANCEmandala movement meditation practice
● Full Authentic Movement practice
● Artistic integration of your experience
● A nourishing connection and sense of community with others in an in-person, small-group setting

When: Sunday, February 6, 10:30am – 3:00pm

Where: 5277 Manhattan Circle #250, Boulder, CO 80303

Cost: $185 per person

More Information and Registration Here

Nota bene: Masks and proof of vaccination are required. This space is serviced by an elevator.