Individual Therapy

I know why you’re here.

The anxiety, anger, shame, and fear are overwhelming and confusing. Your reactions are blowing up your relationships. You want to be close and intimate and communicative… but it’s just so damn scary!

Hiding your true self from the world is exhausting and isolating. Always pretending, masking, and people-pleasing makes it feel like no one really knows you. But then, how could they when you don’t even know yourself!? Disconnected from your body and your desires, you’re wandering through life wondering if there’s more.

Right now, you’re shrinking, staying small, keeping your head down. It’s hard to make decisions, to know what’s going to be right.

There may be plenty of reasons to turn back…

Disappointments, letdowns, and rejections have made you wary of relying on others… and being ignored and devalued makes you doubt that you deserve any help.

Reaching out for support brings up feelings of guilt, self-centeredness, and stubborn independence. You’re used to doing things on your own.

You don’t have to go it alone. I’m here to help.

Individual therapy is the compassionate, nonjudgmental space you need to create meaningful change in your life.

It’s not about quick fixes or telling you what to do. Instead, my job is to walk alongside you and guide you into a deeper connection with your body and inner self… and empower you to create a life that aligns with your inner truth.

Untangling old patterns…

We will slowly and gently explore parts of your past that are holding you back: toxic relationships, painful memories, damaging messages about your body and sexuality. By giving kind attention to your body sensations, breath, and movements, we can develop new ways of responding to these experiences and carve a fresh path forward.

Moving through your emotions…

While it’s tempting to shove all your feelings down, they are only waiting to burst out at the worst moments! Your body holds all the intensity of emotion. It also holds your key to groundedness and inner stability. We will work together to find your internal anchors to help you find calm within the storms. Expressing these internal feelings in session through art or movement will be your practice ground for finding healthy emotional self-expression out in the world.

Building a life you love…

Listening to your body is the most direct way to come into contact with your true self: your identity, feelings, desires, and the things that make you magical! We will explore your fears and blocks that hold you back from blossoming into your fullest potential and create space for you to embody your authentic self, who you are and not who others want you to be. By liberating yourself, you can expand into the relationships, careers, adventures, and pleasures that the world is holding for you.

Susan* used to shut down completely…

… every time she had a conflict with her partner. Her knees weakened, her voice retreated, and she sometimes collapsed to the floor.

In therapy, we explored the root of her fears, bolstered her inner strength, and reclaimed her voice and boundaries. She was able to do this because she learned how to notice her true feelings and needs before hitting a shutdown point.

Susan’s newfound ability to speak up for herself drastically improved her romantic relationship… and much more. She got out of debt, built amazing friendships, and fulfilled her sexual desires.

We knew it was time for her “graduation” when each week seemed freer and more joyful than the last. She said that even though the conflict was still uncomfortable, she felt confident in her ability to stay grounded, express herself, and set boundaries that allowed her to live in a fulfilling, nourishing way.

Amber* had just left a toxic relationship.

She was feeling confused, angry, depressed, and disconnected from herself. She was triggered daily by painful memories, and she found it hard to focus on work and friends.

In therapy, Amber came to understand her body’s feelings, sensations, and stress responses. They became a source of meaning instead of disruption.

With deep self-care, she organically moved through her emotions. She found a new sense of bravery and liberation that gave her the strength to pursue things she had never thought possible (like coming out as bisexual, loving polyamorous relationships, and new creative business ideas).

Before therapy, Amber said she had never known how to feel safe in her body… and in our final session, she reflected on how she had connected with her inner sense of wisdom and creativity. And, perhaps best of all, she felt she could turn to them any time she needed.

If you’re ready to discover your fullest authentic self, I am, too!

An effective response to stress and hardship is finding a balance between self-sufficiency and interconnection. We are social creatures built to survive and thrive in relationships with others. Seeking out appropriate support is a healthy response that demonstrates your inner resilience.

It might feel hard to invest time, energy, and money into yourself, but I truly believe that this kind of personal development has massive ripple effects out into the world. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone were making choices from their best selves, fulfilling their potential, and contributing their unique gifts to society!

You don’t have to figure everything out all by yourself, and you don’t have to go through hard times feeling alone.

Book your first call straight into my calendar right now … let’s talk about how I can help.

*The above names and stories are composite narratives and do not reflect actual clients.