Relief from Stress and Burnout

You come home at the end of the day…

… and you’re DONE!

Worn out.


But, apparently, not “tired enough” because your mind is still buzzing… your body is still tense.

Your thoughts spiral around with worry and self-criticism, and your body is stuck in high gear. After all, it’s always go-go-go… never a moment to slow down.

There’s just TOO MUCH!

There’s so much to tend to at work and in your personal life. There’s your family… your money… a hectic, never-ending whirl – too many plates spinning all at once. You’re checking your phone constantly, afraid that you’ve missed something.

Oh, and of course, all this happens against a backdrop of global crisis after global crisis. You care deeply about the world, and this leaves you feeling deeply drained. Everything you see in the news makes you wonder how your “future goals” even fit in with the dark place the world seems to be headed.

In our modern, fast-paced world, demands on our time and energy come from all directions. Toxic productivity is rampant, and keeping up with the mountain of global problems is more than our brains and bodies were ever meant to handle.

It feels like you can’t ever catch a break… catch your breath… or catch up on laundry!

And the worst part is…

You know you’re MISSING things. The anxiety is keeping you from appreciating the moments that make life magical.

You’re not really aware of the taste of your tea or the smell of your shampoo.

You’re not really listening to the people you love.

You’re not really enjoying the things that used to make you smile.

All of this unrelenting activity and “numbing out” is distracting you from being present in your life.

Unfortunately, flopping onto the couch is how most of us cope.

Sitting there exhausted, distracted, and numb, you’ve probably tried to muster the energy to do any of those “self-care things” that would probably make you feel better.

It sounds lovely to take a bath, stretch, or pull out that dusty box of art supplies, and yet somehow, even those acts sound like a massive chore. As the energy drains out of you, you succumb to another night of mindless TV before you have to wake up and do it all again.

You want to get out of this rut and enjoy life again.

You know you need rest, yet somehow it feels so hard to access. Who else would pick up the slack if you tried to do less? And on the rare occasion you do have some downtime, guilt, anxiety, and a profound sense of laziness pushes you right back into get-things-done mode.

If I slow down, everything will fall apart! But if I keep going full-speed like this, I might just lose it!

There is hope, but you’ll need to make a shift.

You’ll need to turn your attention back INWARD. Only then will you be able to reclaim space for yourself amid all the hustle.

How do you do this?

By listening to your body…

You can listen to your body in a new way to understand what you need to feel nourished and rested. We often learn to ignore and shut down our body’s signals amid all of life’s demands. We will practice mindful body awareness and grounding skills to help you find calm within the storm and reconnect with your true wants and needs.

By listening to your emotions…

When you REALLY examine your emotions, you’ll have the space you need to feel and process what’s going on deep inside. Sometimes all this frantic activity is a sneaky way for your mind to avoid feeling all the difficult feelings. Easier to keep moving than to sit still and experience grief, anger, or fear. And yet when ignored, these bottled-up emotions just keep adding more pressure to your whole system. We will gently explore emotional expression through words, movements, and artwork so that your downtime doesn’t feel flooded and overwhelming but rather calm and restorative.

By clarifying your values and priorities…

This is a necessary first step if you want to focus on what REALLY matters to you. We will explore your personal history and beliefs to uncover what’s important and meaningful in life, making it easier to focus your energy there and let go of the rest.

By learning to say “no”…

That’s right (and as you probably guessed): You have to establish (and maintain!) boundaries around toxic demands on your time and attention. We will locate where strength and confidence live in your body and enhance those feelings with movements and other affirmative and expressive exercises. You’ll identify your ‘yes’ and ‘no’ from an embodied place and learn to communicate those lines clearly to others (even if it pisses them off!).

Finding peace and calm in a chaotic world…

… takes a lot more work than it used to. But you CAN do it, and I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

I know the stress and burnout you feel right now is difficult and draining. But think of it as an invitation… to come home to yourself, deepen your embodiment, and reorganize your life around what’s important.

When you ground yourself in these ways, you’ll have a constitution that will carry you through the chaos, a presence from which you can enjoy life’s special moments, and a flexibility that will keep your mind and body healthy as you navigate change and challenge.

Are you ready to get started? Get your free consultation scheduled today. Let’s talk about how I can help.