The Search for Belonging
is Tearing You Apart

You Need a Therapist Who Gets it

Body-Centered & Dance/Movement Therapy
for the Queer, Bisexual, and Pansexual Experience in Boulder, Colorado

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It was hard enough to figure out who you are.

Now, you’re sick of defending it all the time.

A lump forms in your throat, and your stomach clenches as your identity is erased again.

Constantly being labeled by the gender of your partner is exhausting.

You can “pass” in straight spaces, but you’re uncomfortably shifting in your seat, trying to tell if you’re safe.

Your thoughts are stuck on wondering when you’ll have to come out.

Queer spaces can be just as brutal!

Your relationships with the opposite sex seem to disqualify you from the club.

It feels like if you’re not puking rainbows, you don’t belong.

You’re dismissed as “Confused,” “Disloyal,” or a” Poser.”

Somehow you never feel “Queer enough.” It’s exhausting, demoralizing, and isolating.

You deserve a space that welcomes All of You.

It doesn’t matter if you identify as bi, pan, queer, something else, or still figuring it all out. My office is a safe place for all the expressions of you.

As a bisexual therapist, I have my own lived experience of these struggles and am passionate about creating an inclusive space to support queer folks on their journey of self-discovery.

We’ll navigate questions of desire, identity, intimacy, community, labels, and all the in-betweens, with no pressure to have the answers right away.

Your greatest resource through it all is developing a deep connection to your own body.

It’s time we explored your inner space.

Somatic (body-centered) and Dance/Movement Therapy are ideal for this type of inner exploration.

Feel your desires, passions, and needs in the form of sensations, emotions, and movements.

By tuning in to your body experience, you’ll access authenticity, confidence, and clarity that’ll carry you through even the most challenging times.

These are the skills I want to share with you.

Together, we’ll creatively explore your identities and life experiences in an embodied way.

We’ll unpack internalized homophobia and biphobia that’s been holding you back, and discover internal sources of strength and resilience that you didn’t even realize you had.

You’ll learn to recognize the signals your body sends you to communicate interests, boundaries, your natural “Yes” and “No.”

You’ll align your inner world and outer actions by exploring sensation and movement expression.

Let yourself shine!

With no explanation needed.

Find your confidence, joy, and pleasure in this world. (It’s the most potent act of rebellion).

And as you walk this path, you pave the way for others, just like you, who will need your guiding light.

It’s time to embrace your whole, embodied self, and I’m ready to meet you!

I offer sessions in Boulder or Louisville for quality in-person time, and online throughout Colorado for those who need more flexibility.

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