Your Heart Aches
with a Deep Dissatisfaction

It’s Time to Try Something Different

Body-Centered & Dance/Movement Therapy in Boulder, Colorado

You slog from one day to the next.

Doing everything you’re “supposed” to be doing just isn’t rewarding.

The joy and fulfillment you thought you’d find never arrives.

You try so hard to keep things together and keep everyone happy.

From the outside, you seem like you’re doing fine, but internally you’re struggling.

Nothing feels authentic.

Your relationships are rocky and confusing.

Waves of anger, anxiety, and grief hit you out of nowhere. Bottling all these emotions is all you know how to do, but it’s taking its toll on your body.

You’re always anxious and on edge these days. Even simple decisions feel impossible.

Each night you lay awake wondering, “What’s the point of it all?”

When you gaze down your current life path, your body fills with heavy dread.

It’s time to reconnect with what you really want.

And I’m here to help you do that.

It all starts by coming back home to your body.

Body-centered techniques of Somatic and Dance/Movement Therapy offer a unique and effective pathway back to your authentic core values and a sense of purpose.

By tuning into the natural sensations and movements in your body, you’ll release old emotions, uncover inner strengths, and reignite your spark of creativity and courage.

Align your inner truth with your outer reality.

We’ll cultivate your ability to express yourself authentically using body awareness, movement, and art.

These creative, embodied practices synchronize your genuine feelings and desires with your outer actions in the world.

Movement holds our vitality. This is not your average “talk therapy.”

Live your truth in joy and confidence.

This stuff works! I know from my journey moving from a purposeless struggle to a focused and intentional life path.

Empower yourself to leave that job, have that tough conversation, buy that plane ticket, and put money into that business you’ve been dreaming of starting.

Let’s unlearn those old stories about “success” and fully embody the strength, energy, and creativity that’s been hidden away inside.

Unlocking your gifts will transform your day-to-day experience and every relationship in your life.

Take charge of your life direction.

Don’t waste any more time chasing other people’s dreams.

It’s time to make a change and come home to yourself.

Let me walk alongside you as your guide.

We can meet in Boulder or Louisville for quality in-person time, or online throughout Colorado for those who need more flexibility.

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