Constant Fear and Exhaustion Are No Way to Live

Break Free from Burnout and Build a Life You Love

Somatic Psychotherapy in Boulder, Colorado

Your life so far has not been easy.

And hell, it doesn’t seem to be looking up soon. “The groceries are SO expensive. Will the car make it to work one more week?”

Your heart is racing before you’ve even finished your morning coffee.

The stress is crushing into you like a boulder on your shoulders.

The worst part is that you’re missing your life.

You’re just not present with your friends or your partner, and it’s heartbreaking.

The stress and worry that keeps your muscles tense and your chest tight is a constant distraction.

You check your phone constantly, anxious that you’ve forgotten something.

The things you care about feel like just a footnote in your life. There’s never enough time!

And yet you’re paralyzed with fear at the idea of making a change.

Somatic therapy is an effective way to find relief from chronic stress.

First, we will get honest about your situation by connecting with the body sensations.

This allows you to finally feel your emotions and decode the signals your body has been sending you.

We’ll address the physical signs of burnout and create a self-care plan to replenish your energy.

By working with your body instead of against it, you’ll develop the skills to stay grounded and present.

Reconnect with your authentic self.

Let’s build a life you’re excited about!

The best part about developing a body-based toolbox is that it’s always with you wherever you go.

We’ll uncover your actual needs and values by tuning into your body’s natural movements.

Discover the best ways to feel energized and uplifted while setting clear boundaries where you need to.

Take charge of your life direction.

Experience the confidence that comes with clear thinking and make critical decisions for your life.

Connect deeply with your loved ones. A painful past does not have to mean an unhappy future.

Don’t waste any more time in a life you just want to escape from.

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